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"The Proven System for Getting Lasting Rankings in Any Local Niche and Landing High Ticket SEO Clients Without Doing Any Selling..."

...while building a long term, sustainable recurring income in the process!
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"Take Your Local SEO to the Next Level With Our Advanced Strategies..."

With the Site Ranker Pro you have a powerful method at your fingertips that will dominate longtail keywords for your clients.

However when it comes to Local SEO any consultant worth their salt will tell you to get maximium results you have to apply multiple methods.

First things first you need to know how to get clients coming to you ready to buy your monthly services before you can ever do their SEO.

Then you need to know how to properly optimize their site, citations, social profiles and everything that is required for them to show up properly to Google.

From there you need to be able to build backlinks (we use website networks) from high authority sites that will boost your clients rankings.

In some cases you need to take it to the next level with things like 5 star ratings, Facebook strategies, press releases and more.

This in depth training shows you step by step how to do all of that and then some...

You're Getting Exclusive Access to Our Complete 7 Volume SEO Immersion Course...

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Landing New Clients

In this module we break down our best strategies for getting high ticket clients coming to you ready to buy. you'll learn our email method, the lead site method, networking strategies and everything you need to start landing clients.
Low Hanging Fruit (On Page)

In this module we show you how to quickly take advantage of mistakes on your clients website to get them easy rankings. You'll learn how to do keyword research and the keys to doing on-page SEO the right way.
Low Hanging Fruit (off site)

In this volume you'll learn how to quickly improve your clients rankings using low hanging things like citations, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Website 2.0 Networks.
Content Creation Strategies

We all know Google loves content and in this volume you'll learn how to deliver just that without all the hard work. This method on it's own has the power to boost your clients rankings dramatically.
Leveraging Website Networks

In this volume you'll learn the secret sauce that puts you in control and delivers long term lasting rankings. We show you everything you need to know to setup potent networks that drive high quality backlinks.
Advanced Ranking Techniques

In this volume you'll learn the strategies we use to "take it to the next level" including press releases, Facebook Strategies, Event Links, Google Reviews, 5 Star listings and more. The tips in this section are priceless.
Contracts & Reporting

We made it easy for you navigate the dreaded contract by providing you with a template and training on how to use it. We also show you how to report to your clients in a way that keeps them paying you!
Hiring & Training a Virtual Assistant

We also included a bonus module on hiring and training a VA so that you can get them to do the heavy lifting for you. That way you can focus landing new clients!
Bulletproof SEO Blueprints is a comprehensive SEO course including 23 total videos that break down everything you need to know in order to get your clients ranking. We leave no stone unturned from landing clients for $1,000/mo and up while keeping them paying you for years to come!
Plus You'll Receive this Exclusive Bonus Package....
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Bonus #1 - Facebook Mastermind Group ($97 Value)

Once you become a Bulletproof SEO Blueprints member you'll get to join our private mastermind with other students following the same training.

You'll be able to network with like minded marketers, get insights from others experiences, questions answered and even share your success stories!

Bonus #2 - Group Coaching Call ($97 Value)

To make sure you fully understand how this system works we are going to jump on a live group coaching call to cover any questions you may have.

We'll go over the key points of the training and cover in depth any section that you don't understand or need more information about.

Bonus #3 - Website Templates ($97 Value)

Since the absolute best service you can sell that leads to local SEO is web design we've included some templates you can use to create local sites!

 You can easily customize these and sell them for $1,000+ to local clients on your way to bringing them into monthly marketing services.

Bonus #3 - Content Creator Rolodex ($97 Value)

One of the key things you need to implement these strategies is good content for your networks and clients sites.

Since we know sourcing that content can be a hassle we've included our private Rolodex of content creators to save you time search for one.


By combining this in depth "nuts and bolts" Immersion Course with Site Ranker Pro you'll have everything you need to land high ticket clients AND keep them paying you for years to come.

This training sold at $297 previously but right now as a Site Ranker Pro customer you have the chance to get access to our "7 Volume Immersion Course"  and exclusive bonus package for a fraction of that.

This deal is very much for a limited time only, the price will increase soon. Take advantage today...

Get Instant Access to our Bulletproof SEO Blueprints for just...
Bulletproof SEO Blueprints (SR PRO Special)

Limited Time Only.

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